Our story begins in a small town in Transylvania, with a baker who very much enjoyed baking bread. He was very happy each time he took out of the oven the warm, nicely browned and extremely tasty bread, and he would love to give delicious pieces of bread to his four boys.

The baker’s boys were growing up to be hardworking and healthy young men and each day they witnessed their father’s delicious bread being made. They learned this way that one can really succeed when he does things heartfully, with passion, no hesitation and without any complaints when dealing with the hard times life brings from time to time.

The only unsolved mystery by the four boys was the great secret of their father’s bread. The baker’s sons grew up and one of the boys, the second-born child, was drawn to that kind of work which resulted in something so flavorful and nutrient. As a result, the boy started to spend more time around his father, asking questions, learning and working passionately as the days gone by.

Once his son has proven to be well prepared, the old baker shared with him the secret of his bread.